A Track a Day – An Album For Mental Health


CK Armstrong from BigGreenTree Productions is undertaking a challenge in creativity, writing 1 song/track a day for 12 days and releasing an album on the 12th day. There will be no preparation from day to day. From the first note or riff to mixing and mastering, all done within 24 hours.


This event is a lesson in forced creativity and bringing an awareness to mental health issues. 50% profit of the album sales will be going to the Canadian Mental Health Association. Hopefully it will go a long way to reducing the stigma attached to illnesses that have little or no physical symptoms.

How YOU Can Help:

If you or someone close to you has been affected by mental health issues, email me your story (email address at the bottom of post). Each track will be inspired by a different story. It could be uplifting or tragic, a tale of caution or information. For each story used a tribute donation will be made in honor of the person or family that was affected.


If you want to be a part of this taxing but worthwhile project please get in touch. Singers, guitarists, keyboard players, even if you play a triangle that’s cool with me. Email me with your instrument, availability between 1st May and 12th May, some samples of your work. Lets make this album great!



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